Caliph Rasul III

Caliph Rasul III was born November 27, 1999 in Chicago Heights, Illinois where he lived briefly before moving to the city of Chicago. He lived in a large household surrounded by his sisters, cousins, aunts, and parents.

Growing up, Caliph did not fully understand why he was fascinated with studying faces. However, living in a home filled with a variety of faces allowed him to analyze their facial structures and features daily. From that fascination Caliph turned to drawing in order to translate the beautiful features he encountered, and began teaching himself how to draw became a daily passion. Tragedy played an important role in Caliph’s artistry as well. The death of several family members and his childhood home burning down destroying the family’s belongings took their toll on him and hindered his ability to focus solely on his artwork. These events caused Caliph to take a two year break from his craft. During this time he felt a void in his life and quickly turned his focus back to his heart’s passion… ART! Caliph rigorously began working to enhance his skills.

In high school Caliph was able to begin taking his first “real” art courses and receive professional guidance. Taking structured art courses initially presented to be a difficult task for Caliph. However, through perseverance he became interested in abstract art and found joy experimenting within that genre. Eventually, Caliph began to incorporate his excitement of abstract work into his portraits, thus creating a genre of work unique to him. These unique pieces have become his most commonly produced works. Now that Caliph Rasul III has created a name for himself and establish an understanding for his artistry, he has been able to complete commissioned pieces and start living what he loves.