My Story

Greetings! I am the CEO and Lead Creative of Rascal By Design. I have over 10 years of design knowledge and experience in graphics, communications, photography, and web design. I am also an expert in brand development and advertising.
In 2006 I began my professional design career with the non-for-profit (NFP) “Teen Test Day”, in which I designed the website, and all of the print collateral for the one day event. I stayed with that NFP for several years. I then followed that successful project by joining the “Samplesaint” team as a junior designer. Here with a team of designers, I developed many project demos, websites and online graphics.
In 2009, I saw there was a need for a great graphic design agency in the small business market, so I launched Rascal By Design to design, with the clients needs in mind. Rascal By Design has since grown into a successful full service branding, print, photography and web development business. My vision for this company is that we remain a competitive branding solutions agency accessible to all.
I know that my vision for Rascal By Design and our passion for creativeness will shine through in all projects that we take on.
I look forward to working with you,


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